Moderation policy

We don’t want to hinder any conversations that are taking place on the this site. The moderation process helps ensure that spam or comments that breach the terms of use are not published. To help us do this, please make sure:

  • Your comments are relevant or on-topic
  • Your comments are not inflammatory, unreasonable or obscene
  • You are civil and respectful of others and their opinions (including not impersonating anyone and not posting someone’s personal information without their permission)
  • Your behaviour is in line with relevant laws

This site uses a post-moderation process: after going through some checks.

The first is a human verification step to deter spam bots: when you submit a comment, you are asked to include a user name and an email address. You don’t have to include your actual details; you may post under a pseudonym.

Offensive language is automatically checked by the system and comments with many links in them may be automatically held for moderation (links being a major part of most comment spam). Comments being held in the system are manually checked by a moderator to determine if the comment should be published, edited or deleted. The same manual process is applied to a published comment found to have breached the terms of use. If a comment is edited, we will include a reference so you can tell.

If we make a mistake, please let us know and we will deal with it as quickly as we can.