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CCAAC Members

Colin Neave Ms Carolyn Bond Professor Stephen Corones Ms Lynda Edwards Ms Deborah Healey Mr Peter Kell Mr Gordon Renouf Dr Rhonda Smith Mr Ray Steinwall

Letter from the Chairman

The Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council (CCAAC) was established in 1999 to provide the Government with independent advice on consumer issues. CCAAC reports to the Minister responsible for competition and consumer issues.

CCAAC is currently made up of nine members including myself as chair, Ms Carolyn Bond, Professor Stephen Corones, Ms Lynda Edwards, Ms Deborah Healey, Mr Gordon Renouf, Dr Rhonda Smith, Mr Ray Steinwall, and Mr Peter Kell. Each member brings their own unique experience and expertise on consumer issues.

CCAAC considers references provided by the Commonwealth Minister responsible for consumer affairs and meets regularly to provide advice to the Minister and Commonwealth policy officials. An important part of CCAAC’s advisory role is to consult with stakeholders to inform and improve the quality of our advice.

This website provides CCAAC with new opportunities to engage with consumers on issues that are important to them including as a forum for stakeholder consultation.

CCAAC is supported by the Australian Treasury which provides secretariat support to CCAAC as part of its policy responsibilities for Australia’s consumer protection framework.

Colin Neave AM
Chairman, Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council